The Complete Edition: Who's who

The core team of editors and authors that remained active from April 2004 to May 2007 consisted of Andrea Kauer (German Language and Literature, History), Hildegard Elisabeth Keller (German Language and Literature), Clemens Müller (Greek and Latin Language and Literature), Seline Schellenberg Wessendorf (German Languague and Literature), Stefan Schöbi (German Languague and Literature, History of Theater, and History) und Hubert Steinke (History of Art and History of Medicine), as well as Anja Buckenberger (German Language and Literature and Theology).

Linus Hunkeler was responsible for overarching issues involving the management of data. He also assumed primary responsibility for setting the primary texts. Together with Stefan Schöbi he developed solutions permitting the representation of a range of alphabets, symbols and diacriticals (among them, Early Modern German, Arabic, Czech, iatromathematical and pharmaceutical signs) as well as databank for creating an index. Together with Hildegard Elisabeth Keller he conceived and carried out the multimedia CD in volume V.

Stefan Schöbi conceived of the layout for the three volumes containing the complete edition, as well as the fifth volume, ensured that the typographical possibilities met the specific demands of particularly complex editions (above all, the early modern German and Latin edition of the Trostbüchleins), solved all problems that arose at the conjunction of layout, typography and editorial technic, and assumed responsibility for the supervision and coordination of the very time-consuming process of setting the text.

Freia Odermatt accompanied the director of the project in her role as research assistant during the conception of the research project and helped during the printing of the volumes. She also revised the bibliography of all five volumes and proof read most of the fourth volume. The proof reading of the other volumes was done by Christian Schaefer. Gerald Grobbel checked the spelling of Arabic names. Bohumil Vykypěl transcribed the prologues of the Czech version of the Trostbüchlein, which were collated and translated by Markus Giger, who also gave linguistic advice concerning the language and style of humanists in Prague.

The director of the project was responsible for coordinating activities and the exchanges of information among all the participants within the research group as well as all the other participants, the overall editing of all the volumes, as well as the planning, administration, and financial management of the project.

The editors

Volume II: Introduction to the complete edition (Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Etter Heini (Play: Andrea Kauer) - Weingarten (Play: Stefan Schöbi) - Schaffhauser Missgeburt (Latin broadsheet: Hubert Steinke; translation: Clemens Müller) - Glarner Nebensonnenerscheinung (German broadsheet: Hubert Steinke) - Zürcher Hiob (anonymous play: Seline Schellenberg Wessendorf) - Zürcher Joseph (anonymous play: Anja Buckenberger).

Volume III: Ärzte- und Astrologenverzeichnis (Latin index of names with prologue: Hildegard Elisabeth Keller; translation: Clemens Müller) - Astrologentafel (single-leaf print: Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Wilhelm Tell (play: Andrea Kauer) - Passion (play: Seline Schellenberg Wessendorf) - Augenheilkunde (Latin ophthalmological manual with German translation: Hubert Steinke und Clemens Müller) - Glarner Wolkenerscheinung (Broadsheet: Stefan Schöbi) - Lied von der Schwätzerin (Song: Seline Schellenberg Wessendorf) - Konstanzerlied (Poem on historical and political events: Andrea Kauer).

Volume IV: Adam und Eva (Play: Stefan Schöbi) - Trostbüchlein/De conceptu et generatione hominis (German and Latin gynecological and obstetrical manual: Hildegard Elisabeth Keller, Clemens Müller, Hubert Steinke) - Archival documents pertaining to the Trostbüchlein (Hubert Steinke and Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Texts pertaining to the reception of the Trostbüchlein (Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Tumorbüchlein (Latin technical treatise on tumoroly with German translation: Hubert Steinke und Clemens Müller) - Texts pertaining to the reception of the Tumorbüchlein (Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Kalender zwischen 1543 und 1558 (Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Prognostik und Praktik (prognostical texts for the calendar production: Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Fischsprüche (sayings: Hildegard Elisabeth Keller).

Volume V: The images in the complete works of Jakob Ruf (Linus Hunkeler and Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Multimedia CD (Linus Hunkeler and Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) - Complete index for all five volumes (Linus Hunkeler, Hildegard Elisabeth Keller, Stefan Schöbi).