Jakob Ruf, a Zurich Town Surgeon and Playwright in the Sixteenth Century

The initiative for an exhibition in the Museum Strauhof Zurich (March 14 - May 21 2006) grew out of the SNSF project. That the project could be realized we owe to Roman Hess, director of the department, Literature the Museum Strauhof Zurich (Präsidialdepartement der Stadt Zürich).

The exhibition had various goals. It sought to cultivate the dialogue between, on the one hand, university research and teaching and, on the other hand, a culturally and historically interested public. In addition, the project offered students an opportunity to participate first hand in the creation of an exhibition and its accompanying publication. This took place in the context of the seminar, "Jakob Ruf. Ein Ausstellungsprojekt", and associated study group (Winter semester 2005/2006).

Finally, we also wanted to present someone who became a citizen of Zurich by choice who achieved a great deal for the cultural life of the city and the medical care of its inhabitants. This is true for women as well as men, given that Ruf's many initiatives to improve assistance in childbirth and the education of midwives stand out as singular in their historical context. The historical circumstances were quite extraordinary: the dramatic changes taking place in Zurich presented Ruf both with opportunities and with challenges. He exploited them and stood up to them. This is the stuff of which careers are made.

Pictorial documentation of the exhibition (including photographs of the exhibition and historical pictorial documentation) can be found on the multimedia CD in volume V of the complete edition. The listening stations from the exhibition can be found on the audio CD in volume I.

Reports in Print Media

NZZ from March 16, 2006; Tages-Anzeiger from March 16, 2006; Der Landbote from March 17, 2006; Züriberg April 13, 2006; Zürichsee-Zeitungen from May 11, 2006

Reports Online

UZH News "Ein Wundarzt widersteht dem Hexenwahn"

Reports on Radio:

  • Radio DRS 1: Treffpunkt, May 11, 2006: Hexen und Hebammen zu Jakob Rufs Zeit. Eine Sendung mit Dani Fohrler und Hildegard E. Keller
  • Radio DRS 2: Reflexe, April 13, 2006: Jakob Ruf, ein Zürcher im 16. Jahrhundert. Ein Rundgang durch die Ausstellung mit Hildegard E. Keller und Ellinor Landmann
  • Radio DRS 2: Aktuell, 15. März 2006: botz - eine Ausstellung im Strauhof Zürich


Tuesday, March 14, 2006, 7:00 P.M.

Hall of the Stadthaus Zurich

Invitation to and Program of the Opening
Flyer for the Opening