The Bear and the Needle

Multimedia-Performance 2013 Flyer

Der Bär und die Nadel (The Bear and the Needle) is the title of a multimedia performance and a meeting between cultures. The playscript (Hildegard Elisabeth Keller) connects historical materials and stories from the region of Appenzeller with theatrical techniques from China and vocal and musical forms from both cultures.

At the center stands a shadow puppet play performed by a Chinese ensemble consisting of four performers. Two young actors (Bear: Philipp Langenegger; Needle: Karin Brülisauer) provide the principal characters with their voices and animate the shadows that sweep over the stage. Their voices alternate between high German and Appenzell Ausserrhoden (Bear) or Appenzell Innerrhoden (Needle). The screen of the puppet theater stage serves simultaneously as a surface for video projection (Video: Hao YU). The Hackbrett player, Töbi Tobler, and the percussionist, Shu Guan Li, provide the live music; the puppeteer and singer, Su Zhi Liang, accompanies them with a special Lao Ting aria.

A production of the Ernst Hohl-Kulturstiftung Appenzell zum 500-year-anniversary of the two half-Cantons of Appenzell.