Interview with Town Physicians

An opening and a talk show make ideal partners. We therefore invited two famous Zurich physicians to the opening of the Exhibition on Jakob Ruf to give interviews - and both of them came!

One of them was the current holder of the office of city physician, Albert Wettstein, who was interviewed by Hildegard Elisabeth Keller about his position, his view of himself, and his impressions of the life and work of Jakob Ruf. The other was Jakob Ruf (played by Jaap Achterberg) who became a citizen of Zurich by choice and who grappled with the questions put to him by his interviewers, Andrea Kauer, Stefan Schöbi und Ruth Wiederkehr.

Participants: Jaap Achterberg, Andrea Kauer, Hildegard Elisabeth Keller, Stefan Schöbi, Ruth Wiederkehr, Albert Wettstein

Musical accompaniment: Nadja Räss und Rita Gabriel

March 14, 2006, 7 P.M., Audience Hall of the Town Hall of Zurich

Program of the Opening

Flyer for the Exhibition