My Soul Has No Sex

My Soul has no Sex. Stories, Columns Provocations. Edited, translated and introduced by Hildegard Elisabeth Keller. With a foreword by Elke Heidenreich. Zürich 2013. ISBN 978-3-85791-717-2.

The book appeared on the 75th anniversary of Alfonsina Storni's death (Presentation on October 25 in the Riffraff Cinema Zürich). The book makes available, for the first time, the full range of Alfonsina Storni's work in prose and other texts: essays, stories, columns, aphorisms and travel accounts, poems, autobiographical texts and interviews. All the texts are freshly translated. Five texts by Storni, as well as one of the interviews, represent new discoveries that were not included even in the Spanish edition of her complete works. Table of Contents

Nicole Salathé: Kulturplatz, 6.11.2013

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Sternstunde Kunst, 10.11.2013: The ‚Sternstunden' film series, «Cherchez la femme» (Looking for Women) incorporates the life stories of formative female artists. Hildegard E. Keller, a professor of literature, provides insights into the short life of the Argentinian-Swiss poet, Alfonsina Storni. Leading the discussion is Bernard Senn.

Radio-Feature Passage2 SRF über Alfonsina Storni

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