The Trilogy of the Timeless

Eight personalities meet each other beyond time and space. The Trilogy of the Timeless presents important voices of the history of philosophy and spirituality, in richly illustrated books and in audio plays.

Here are the protagonists who lived between the fourth century B.C. and the year 1943: two men and four women who lived as Christian monks, nuns or beguines between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries as well as two additional figures from completely different worlds (Chinese Antiquity and the Netherlands under Nazi occupation).

  1. Henry Suso from Constance, and Elsbeth Stagel from Zürich  (The Hour of the Hound).
  2. The Dominican, Meister Eckhart, and the Dao philosopher, Zhuangzi, conduct a fictive conversation all manner of large and small thoughts (The Camel and the Eye of the Needle).
  3. The visionaries, Hildegard of Bingen, Mechthild of Magdeburg and Hadewijch conduct a conversation with the Jewish laywer, Etty Hillesum from Amsterdam. The four ladies speak about the soul, love, writing and prayer (Der Ozean im Fingerhut).

Volume 1: The Hour of the Hound

Volume 2: The Camel and the Eye of the Needle

Volume 3: The Ocean in a Thimble